Mobile APP Development Service: This is our main focus now. From Design to Published online, we can help you in anyway. We like to build data driven applications, our back end can be webservices, web API, or any third party services. We can also do Facebook, twitter intergration. If you want to expand to China market. We have experience in Chinese social network as well. WeChat, Sina Weibo, QQ etc.If you want to host your own web application with Data. We can also use DNN as Content Management. We use MS SQL Server as our Database Engine.

DNN Skin Design: We've built 1000+ custom skins. We've 100+ Clients from all over the world. Once we were the largest custom skinning service provider. We still do custom skins. But it is not our main business now. If you can not find anyone, you can always send us an email and asking for a free quote.

Module Development, Custom Projects, Logo Design and complete application solution. We have the technology and designing talent to give you complete need. Our cost usually are 30%-50% less than our competitors.